Wedding Wednesday (the venue)

This weekend we are traveling back to Michigan to really get the wedding planning under way. We have a busy weekend, checking out six venues in just two days.

For years I pictured my wedding reception in a barn. I saw raw, exposed beams with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. I am not married (bad pun) to the barn idea anymore, but I still want the venue to say, classy, yet casual fun. Here are a few of my very favorite venue inspiration photos I've collected.

Kyle and I are both from Michigan and both of our families still live there, so naturally we decided to get married in our home state. One small problem, Kyle is from the west side of the state and I am from the east. After some discussion we decided to have the wedding near Kyle's home town of Grand Rapids.

In a state feeling the recession more than many others, Grand Rapids is a thriving city, the second biggest in Michigan. It has a nice size airport not far from downtown, convenient for our out-of-town guests. But the icing on the cake is the city's proximity to Lake Michigan, which makes it a gorgeous place for a wedding.

We're looking for a unique space with a relaxed and fun vibe. Click over to An Undeclared Panache Wedding to see the six very different spaces we will be looking at this weekend, including beachy locations, the garden locations and check back tomorrow for the urban locations.