Like many Americans I am enthralled by all things Kennedy, the power, the glamour, the curse and the epic story. So naturally I was excited to hear that Greg Kennear and Katie Holmes were to play JFK and Jackie in a mini series. Then I was bummed to hear that the Kennedy family stopped HBO from showing the historical fiction piece. Then, I was excited again to hear that Reelz, a network I was previously unfamiliar with, was to show it.

The Kennedys premiered on Sunday, I caught the encore showing of part one yesterday. They did a great job of giving a behind-the-scenes insight into a real family with faults and problems beyond what was seen in the public eye. I also caught part of the making-of special explaining the sets, costumes and make up. Check out these side-by-side photos to see what a great job the crew did recreating the aura of America's first family.


If you've missed it, you are in luck, Reelz is showing a marathon on Saturday. See the full schedule here.