Welcome May!!

Between vacation and visitors I haven't gotten the chance to spend much time with my friends, so I've invited them over on Friday for a Cinco de Mayo potluck. In addition to spending time with my family I am so excited to get the yard ready, plant some brightly colored flowers and get the goods to make some delicious guacamole.

I may even try this Jalapeno-Cilantro Margarita recipe (from May issue of Elle):
2oz jalapeno-infused silver tequila
2 oz fresh lie juice
1 oz cilantro water
1 tbsp agave nectar
Infuse tequila with jalapeno for at least 12 hours. Blend cilantro and mineral water. Mix tequila and lime juice, cilantro water and agave nectar. Shake and strain over ice into glass. Rim glass with agave nectar and sea salt and garnish with a lime

(Martha Stewart 1, 2, Project Wedding Blog)