Bathroom Makeover

I love love love our apartment (still haven't shared any photos, but I'll do that soon), but the one thing I HATE is the bathroom. It's tiny. If you don't remember how tiny, click here and scroll down. It's so small the only place the toilet paper can possibly go is in the cabinet under the sink. Trust me, I've tried all the other options.

On top of being the size of an outhouse, it was hideous. Not sure if the people who lived here before had the worst taste in the world, or just didn't want to deal with this room, but it was awful. It was a natural color with yellow sponge paint on top, on the whole room, including the ceiling.

The tile is white with blue-grey trim and the cabinets were painted a sage green color. Not to mention this weird and creepy sun that permanently affixed to the wall in the shower.

I couldn't change the size, but I made the best of the room. I painted the ceiling and a small border at the top a cool grey color, then painstakingly wallpapered around every uneven corner. I choose wallpaper to compliment what I think is the only good part of the room, the sophisticated light fixture. I got a fresh stripped shower curtain from West Elm to really modernize the space and finished the room using the only space surface space, above the medicine cabinet with a few hot pink flowers in modern white vases.

Voila, a livable space.