Wedding Wednesday (To Letterpress or not to Letterpress)

I am a self proclaimed paper snob. I love pretty paper and pretty fonts. I love sending birthday cards and spend an abnormal amount of time choosing the perfect one. It's no surprise that in my opinion, invitations are one of the most important details of the my wedding. They set the tone for the whole event. I plan to work very closely with a graphic design friend to create mine and Kyle's own unique way to ask all of our family and friends to join in our special day.

Until I started mapping out the budget, I pictured our invites to be beautifully letterpressed and addressed with hand calligraphy. Our reality is probably not that. 100 Layer Cake did a great post on this very issue.

I adore the charm of letterpress. It is an age-old art that looks sophisticated and elegant no matter the message.

It's not the printed invites look bad, in fact in most cases they are equally as beautiful as their letterpress counterparts and you can do so much more because you are not limited by the number of colors you can use.

(Hello! Lucky, Gus & Ruby, Minted, Riffle Paper Co.)

In the end I don't think we will end up letterpress printing our invites. I think there are only a handful of guests that will notice the detail, instead we will put our energy into making them very special in other creative, cost efficient ways.

What do you think?

I look forward to sharing the invitation inspiration in the coming months.