Wedding Wednesday (the video)

If you've been keeping up on An Undeclared Panache Wedding, you know that I have been obsessing over a videographer. So far I have shared two very different options, a professionally shot, professionally edited masterpiece by Paperback Weddings. I have also shared a guest shot, professionally edited video from Wedit. Today I'm sharing a stunning third option that's FREE!
You never ever hear that word when you're planning a wedding. The videographer is the bride's sister and bridesmaid and shot the entire wedding on her iPhone!!! This video has brought me to tears and I have showed this video to everyone around me, now I need to share it with my readers. Seriously questioning spending $3500+ on a videographer, then again not sure if I have any friends as talented as this lucky bride.

Untitled from Brooke Hoehne on Vimeo. (Grey Likes Weddings)

So what's a bride to do? I desperately want a beautiful wedding video and I know it's something we will never regret spending money on because we will have it forever, but I'm just not sure it fits into our budget. What do you think?