Wedding Wednesday (A second dress?)

I've always had an eye out for a fabulous, slinky, old-Hollywood, bias cut dress. Like this one, a glamorous Jean Harlow wears.

I came across this gorgeous, vintage number at one of my new favorite stores, American Rag, while on our shopping trip in LA. The dress I dreamed of would have been grey or a soft, elegant color, however the one I actually bought is a cream color. I LOVE it and I figured, "hey, I'm a bride-to-be, I can wear it for something." It's very bridal, so I can't wear it to anyone else's wedding. It could potentially be a dress I change into for my reception, but I just don't think it fits my venue or my wedding and I really want to wear my real dress as long as possible.

Sadly we're not the kind of people that get invited to a lot of balls or galas, so what's a gal to do with a beautiful, white full-length gown? Any suggestions.