Wedding Wednesday (Suit Up)

Today we have a very special post from the groom.

Every little boy dreams about his wedding day and what suit he’ll wear. What’s that? That’s not a thing? Well, now this is awkward. I’ll tell you about my experience anyway.

Lauren and I decided a long time ago that we’d go eschew a tuxedo for a traditional suit, for a variety of reasons. Aesthetically, a suit captures that rugged wilderness-chic motif encapsulating our wedding. Secondly, a reasonably priced suit that can be worn multiple times by the groomsmen is a better value than a one-shot rental.

And, honestly, who doesn’t want to look like the uber-dapper partners of Sterling Cooper Draper Price?

The quest to find six matching, light-gray suits was much more difficult than either of us anticipated. Inventories were spotty at both boutique and chain stores. Another obstacles was coordinating with far-flung members of the wedding party that didn’t have the same physical access we had in New York.

Enter Indochino.

This one-stop online retailer streamlined the process by putting the power in our hands. They allowed us to customize our look and their step-by-step guide to self-measurement was extremely user-friendly.

Plus, ordering your wedding suit in gym shorts is a celebration of our modern times.

There was, quite honestly, some worry about the fit, but that evaporated on Monday, when the suit arrived. Since it was literally made for me, it was nearly perfect. A couple of my groomsmen have already ordered as well and tell me it went off without a hitch.

Getting guys to buy clothes is an undertaking I’d never experienced.

Turns out I’m pretty well suited for it.

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