Wedding Wednesday (Accessories)

One of my favorite things about my wedding day attire is my accessories.  As an accessory designer, I really pride myself in completing the look from head to toe.  And speaking of toes, the very fitst piece of the ensemble I purchased were the shoes and I am almost as excited to wear them as I am my dress!  I have been collecting accessories to wear on my wedding day for over a year from a multitude of places, belt from Club Monacco, earrings from Etsy, a tragic story of handbag loss, then found at Kate Spade and topping it all off with one ring from each of my grandmothers.  Now that all the pieces are in my possession, I will be sure my photographer gets a shot like the ones below.  

I love the neatly laid-out placement of these photos, though my scheme will not be quite as monochromatic.