Instagram Recap (Bachelorette Party Part Deux)

We had the best time this weekend.  The whole night was a wonderful surprise, starting with staying at the adorable Marcel Hotel.  They had a fabulous roof area, where we kicked off the celebration with lots and lots of champagne and lovely, little cupcakes.

We went to my favorite restaurant in the whole city for dinner, Supper.  It happened to be across the street from this weird mural we had to get a photo with.  I have to mention my dress that I made a few months back, and was very proud of because I get the fit so perfect.  It's a little, white, cotton number with leather trim, as evidence below, it didn't make it very far.

I had a major party foul with what seems to be an entire bottle of red wine.  It's currently at the cleaners trying to be revived.  Good thing they brought me the most bachelorette party looking cappuccino ever to cheer me up and my wonderful fiance trekked all the way downtown to bring me an outfit change.

I had the best time.  I am so so lucky to have the amazing group of friends that I have.  I love you all.  Thank you for helping me celebrate!