A very strange Friday

I normally do very happy Friday posts, but this past Friday was no ordinary day.  I woke up, went for a run and did my normal Friday routine, but was running a little late, I arrived at the office around 9:40 AM to find the entire block infront of the building blocked off by police tape.  There was a shooting not 20 yards from where I usually post to this very blog, and right at the very time my coworkers and I get in to work.  This particular Friday, many of my coworkers were also running late and the ones who were not, arrived well before the incident took place.  For the hour or so that we were checking in with the rest of the office to be sure everyone was okay, I was worried sick.  What if I did my normal routine and was on time, I could have witnessed it or worse, been caught in the cross-fire.  Thankfully something was looking out for me and my friends and coworkers that morning.

I was somewhat relived to find out that this was not a random incident as the Colorado shooting and the Temple shooting have been in the last month.  The gunman had a specific motive to hurt one person, though several other people were injured in the process, incredibly scary nonetheless.  

At this time in my life I am stressing about the stupid little things that will take place on one day, even if it is my wedding day, the flowers, the cost of the salad we choose for dinner, my nail color, etc.  Sometimes it takes a day like  Friday to remind you what is important and what life and love are really about.  I hope you all had a good weekend and continue to make sure the loved ones in your life know what they mean to you.