I Can't Wait Until The Honeymoon Thursday!

Obviously I'm counting down the days until the wedding, but you know those days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, feeling uninspired and unmotivated.  That's me today.  After a Wednesday, way too busy to post about weddings, I can't think about much else except that the honeymoon is only 39 days away!  Ahh Italy, where our only worry will be finding our hotel and which gelato flavor to try first.  Twelve days in heaven!  I cannot wait!

Here's what's on the itinerary.  First stop, Venice.  Neither myself or Kyle have ever been and we thought it was the perfect place to begin our romantic luna de miele! 

Then to Cinque Terre.  Does it get better?

We can gorge on pizza and vino!

Next, to my favorite place I've been, Capri!

It keeps going, next Positano!

Lots of gelato along the way.

Finally finishing up in Rome!

(from my pinterest board

Wow, those seven photos give me goose bumps.  Is it September 10th yet?