Wedding Wednesday (One Month!)

Only one more month until I am a Mrs!!!  Time seems to be speeding up!  So many tiny little things to take care of, follow up on and craft in just 31 days!  I had my second dress fitting yesterday and I can't wait until I can put that thing on and walk down the aisle to my man!  I have butterflies just thinking about it!

Click here to see more inspiration for the big day!

As I promised, here is tutorial for my invitation suite.  

What you need for the invite:
  • Legal size card stock, I used this Natural White, 80lb, Linen texture, 
  • A printer or copier with double-side capabilities 
  • a scorer, I used this paper trimmer with scorer blade
  • a good, larger paper cutter, I used the cutter at Kinkos for half and this Fiskars cutter for half
  • a rotary cutter with a perforation blade
For the Envelope:
  • A7 envelopes, I used these
  • patterned scrapbook paper for the the liner, two liners per page, I used this one
  • rotary cutter with regular blade
  • Rubber Cement
  • 8 1/2" x 11" Shipping labels, I used these
  • paper cutter
  • corner-rounder punch

1. Score the paper at the first fold mark.

2. Trim the invitation.

3. Use the rotary cutter with a perforation blade to make the second fold.

3. crease invitation at both folds, like an accordion.

4. Tie invite togther with bakers twine.

5. Trace your envelope liner pattern.  I made mine using these directions.

6. Cut out liner.

7. Crease.

8. Rubber cement liner to inside of envelope.

9. Print adress labels to the full-sheet mailing labels and trim.

 10. Round corners with punch.

11. Fold just below the return adress, line up front and back edges, so that the crease is straight.

12. Use the crease as the guide to be sure the label is on the envelope straight.

13. Smooth out both sides.

Ta da!