Wedding Wednesday (How I feel post wedding)

I know I'm a little behind the ball on Wedding Wednesday, I even started a whole different post about wedding hair inspiration from New York Fashion Week (sorry to ruin the surprise for next week), but my brain took a sentimental turn.

Anybody who has gotten married has probably been asked the question (starting three seconds after the ceremony), "How does it feel to be married?"  Until this morning, I didn't know how to answer this question.  But then it dawned on me that I do feel different.  So, two and a half weeks into marriage, this is how I feel.  I don't feel different because my name is Mrs. Koster (unofficially at print time), or because I have a fancy ring on my finger (and it is very fancy), but our relationship has evolved tenfold since we got engaged a year and half ago.  Not only have we traveled together and raised a dog together, but we incurred the stress of planning a wedding together.  We made thousands of decisions together, including some really hard and uncomfortable decisions, like money and dealing with each other's families.  Kyle saw me stress out over hundreds of stupid little things,  like fonts and programs.  I saw him hand punch a box-full of confetti.  We spent eighteen months working as a team to make our day completely special and totally perfect.

Then the day came and it was absolutely perfect.  After all the stress and work, I felt nothing but love and joy on the day.  I know Kyle was so proud of all the work we put in and even more, he was proud to call me his wife.  On top of that, seeing our friends and families come together to help execute my vision was such a joy.  I remember when the pastor asked the crowd if they would support our love and relationship, and they all, said "I do," I was flooded with emotion, feeling so lucky to belong to two loving families and have a husband who truly adores me.

After a year and half of working our butts off, then one perfect day, we jetted off to Italy to spend 12 days together.  Of course the sights were amazing, but it felt so wonderful to simply enjoy each other's company without thinking or talking about the wedding.

It feels different to be married because we have the entire wedding process to look back on and grow from.  I loved every minute of planning our wedding, even the stressful ones, but it did get in the way of being romantic, as does our dog and I'm sure our future children will.  We got through tough decisions and we know with the support of our loved ones, that we can get through even tougher ones.  At the end of the day it's great to know we can still laugh, be romantic and find things to talk about other than the wedding for 12 whole days in a row.  I could not be happier to be the wife to a wonderful husband.

(Photo: Lizzie Photo)