Honeymoon Part 1: Venice

This week, I'm so excited to share some photos and a little recap of our magical Italian honeymoon.  Hope you enjoy.  The first stop was the enchanting Venice.  Venice is a city that neither of us had ever been to, but both have heard many mixed reviews about.  Because of that, I almost said we should skip it, but Kyle insisted and I'm glad he did.  The city is so romantic, and was the perfect place to start our honeymoon.  

We stayed at Hotel Colombina (the building on the right in the photo below), the location was great.  It pretty close to Piazza San Marco (above) and the shore of the island.  The rooms were giant by European standards and the decor was very opulent and very European.  We felt like royalty.

We loved Venice, in fact, it was Kyle's favorite stop.  We didn't do anything particuarly touristy, except  take the elevator to the top of the tower in the Basilica di San Marco (see view below).

We had the best time just wondering around the city getting lost in the maze of canals, allies and bridges.

The only bad weather we had the whole trip came when it rained on our second night in Venice, unfortunately putting a damper on our gondola ride, yet somehow we managed to have fun.  I picked out this little yellow house, below on the left, as an option for our future Italian residence.  Sigh...in my dreams.

After Venice we were off to the Mediterranean Coast, Cinque Terre, my favorite stop.  Can't wait to share more!