Honeymoon Part III: Date Night in Rome

After Cinque Terre we planned to travel to Capri, without a great direct route and not wanting to travel for an entire day, we decided to spend a night in Rome.  I choose a hotel near the train station, so we could get in and out with ease.  Diana Hotel also had a lovely roof top bar with incredible views.  Remember this dress I bought last year in LA?  If you don't, I found a fabulous vintage bias-cut dress at  American Rag last September.  I knew it was a little too fancy to wear as a rehearsal dinner dress, so I didn't quite know where to wear it, but I knew that I loved it, so I brought it home with me.  We decided to bring her to Italy with us and have a fancy date night on the town.  

We began with champagne on the roof top and a lost-in-translation order of shots.  

Make that champagne and a photoshoot.

After our drink, we walked around, got lost,  made a stop at the Trevi Fountain and on to a romantic dinner.

It was such a fun night to get dressed up and walk around, people looking at us, wondering where we were going or where we were coming from.  I hope I get another chance to wear this dress too, because I am still in love.