New Name! New Look! New Site!

If you've ever come to my blog before, it's obvious, Undeclared Panache got a facelift!  I began this blog way back in 2008 as a single, broke, young professional trying to figure out how to shop and maintain a cool East Village lifestyle without having to ask my parents for money (not always successful).  I am so happy that my blog has been able to evolve with me and provide connections to endless inspiration in every phase and facet of my life.  Now, I'm a Mrs. with a new name, and a different neighborhood, Upper East Side, and quite different priorities than when I was 24.  I also got my own domain name!  Finally off blogger and own!   

Thank you, readers for following me on my many adventures.  There are more changes to come.  I hope I can share and connect with you for many years to come.