Wear in the World

This weekend we left the city yet again to celebrate one of my best friend's wedding.  We traveled two hours by plane, then three by car, to a part of the country I've never seen before, Northern Wisconsin.  The weekend was simultaneously long and short at the same time, aside from the wedding, we were either driving or sleeping for the entire 40 hours we were there.  The leaves have already changed there, and the place seems like it could be fall all-year-round.  It was so perfect.  The one detour we made was to a cider mill.  We took full advantage and got one of everything, since it's probably the only time we'll be able to get fresh cider, donuts and carmel apples for the season.     

The wedding was in the bride's hometown, a little city on a little lake, Hayward, Wisconsin.  There was a cute little downtown area, but my favorite thing about it was that right next to our hotel was a stadium where the Lumberjack World Championships take place.  If I were to spend a day there, I would surely wear plaid in ode to the event.  The weather was perfect in the day, sunny and 70, but it got very cold at night, colder than a girl who just spent two weeks on the Mediterranean was ready for, so I would absolutely dress in layers.