Wedding Wednesday (Bridal Party Gifts)

Thought I'd share one little detail from our wedding before we get all of the photos back, our bridal party gifts.  Actually this was one of easier details for me to come up. 

I used fabric scraps from other wedding projects as ribbon.

For the girls, I knew they spent a good amount of money on their dresses and shoes (they choose their own suede pumps in either pink, orange or yellow color family), so I wanted to pick up the rest of their accessories.  I started collecting vintage earrings, to compliment my colors, over a year ago.  A few pair came from various flea markets and a few from good ole Etsy.

Since I design handbags, it seemed wrong not to include one.  I choose one of my designs, The Sak Iris Demi Clutch, in colors to compliment the girl's shoes, and I personalized the bags by adding a stripe of glitter to tie back to my Kate Spade bag and shoes.

I also got them a J. Crew bracelet to tie it all together, shown in the photo below.

I can't take all the credit for the next part of the gift, I got the idea from Natalie from mint love social club and my friend Amanda is the talented artist, who sketched personalized fashion drawings of each bridesmaid.  I loved that I was able to add a personal keepsake for the girls.  I hope they think these are as special as I do.

Surprise!  The gift tags doubled as hanger tags!

The boy's gift was much simpler.  We also wanted to save them a little dough on the ensamble, so we gave them matching argyle socks and grey ties.  We had previously given them a gift card to Indochino to help with the cost of their custom suits.  Which all looked awesome, by the way.

(photos 5, 7, 8, 9 by Lizzie Photo, the rest by me)