Weekend Rewind (South Hampton)

Late Friday afternoon my friend, Christina, invited me out to the Hamptons.  Since I've never been, I jumped at the chance.  I am so glad I made the spontaneous trip, because we had the best time.  The hullabaloo of the summer crowd has past, but the beauty definitely remained.  We lucked out with absolutely perfect fall weather, the kind where you have to wear a sweater in the shade, but can get away with a t-shirt in the sun.

We made a stop at the pumpkin patch, picked up the fixens, cider, doughnuts, pies and pumpkins.    

We payed a visit the beach.  The waves were ginormous and the air was perfectly saturated with sea water.

We headed back to the condo to catch a football game and consume thousands of calories and topped of the weekend by putting on our Halloween costumes and spending the night being completely silly.  I was the outspoken Karl Lagerfeld.  Think it turned out pretty well.

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