Weekend Rewind

It wasn't the most exciting weekend around these parts.  Took in a high school football game on Friday, then had a lovely dinner.  The rest of the weekend I spent cleaning, preparing for the hurricane that is hitting New York City as I type, and sadly, watching the San Francisco Giants sweep our Detroit Tigers in the World Series.

Bought this really cool t-shirt from SMPLFD, a really cool Detroit-based company, hoping it would bring the team some luck, but alas, it did not.  On the other hand, I should be cheerful, because I added a pair of Rebecca, Sam and Steve beauties to my collection.

Wish I remembered to pull these skull glasses out more than four days before Halloween, but they at least they bring a little spirit to the apartment.  My most exciting project for the weekend was hanging this vintage light I bought off eBay above my bedside table.

I get to work from home today and maybe even tomorrow too, depending on how the storm pans out, kind of wishing I saved the cleaning for the day(s) I am stuck inside.  Guess I'll have to figure out another project to work on...  Stay safe from the storm everyone.