Round Side Table Round-up

My current end table is old, found-on-the-street-and-painted-white old.  You can see it here in the first photo (on the right) from when I first moved into my old apartment.  I do love the size and function of my current piece, but I would like something more open and modern since my skinny, railroad apartment doesn't really allow for furniture rearranging, I'm just ready to refresh (and upgrade).  Plus it will be a nice compliment to the new sofa we plan to order in the new year.  

I never pegged myself for a round girl, until I came across this pin and fell in love with table #9.  That one is a little pricey, I would consider a splurge, but I'm not even sure where to find it.  I think my favorite of this list is number 3, from Pier 1 of all places.  It's a nice size, the white ties back to my other end table and the glass still leves the space a little more open than it is now and the price is very wallet friendly.

1. Zara Home $249
2. West Elm $149
2. Pier 1 $110
3. Pangea
4. Dwell Studio $1500
5. Interior Trade $190
Target $118
7. Target $64
8. Nelson & Co $450