Color Palette

In just a few short weeks we will have been living in our little apartment for two years.  I love this apartment, but it's around the two year mark when I get the itch to move and start fresh.  Well, that's not going to happen this year, so I'm planning a few freshening up projects.  Before I really dive in, I was inspired the advice of HGTV Design Star winner, Emily Henderson, to create a palette for the apartment.  In Emily's post here, she gives a simple four step instructions on choosing your pwesonal color palette.  I thought this was a good exercise and would be great for mixing and matching and swapping furniture and pillows around the apartment or future house.  Using Emily's instructions below, here's what I came up with,

1. Step one: start with one color you love the most and the easiest way to choose this color is to think about what you want towear the most (if you wear black solely b/c its flattering then disregard that). Clearly if you want to put green constantly on your body a lot then you probably really like green.  It's pretty simple.  What are your 'go to' colors? Think about what you buy, what you stare at in magazines and what you pin the most.  Yes, there are going to be trends in fashion (and in home) like say, the neon trend right now. So the best thing you can do is use it in accessories and sparingly, unless you have neon balls of bravery and want to do something crazy on your walls, which is great as long as you know you'll change it in 3 years (and there is nothing wrong with that).  So ignore the extreme trends when choosing your palette.  

I went with mustard yellow.  I'm always attracted to yellow, it's like sunshine and happiness.  

Step 2:  Add highlights and low-lights that complement this color.  Think about your hair, you have your base hair color then you make some brighter and some maybe even darker (do people still do this?This analogy might be circa Friends from 1996).  But you don't want them to be EXACT lighter and darker colors, that doesn't look natural, you want to be a little color variance so it looks richer.  

Love this red-orange rug and the soft butter yellow throw make for perfect highlights and lowlights.

Step 3: Combine both cool and warm tones for a balanced look.

I rent, so in my apartment, I stuck with the plain old white, but if you see my new Color on The Walls pinterst board, you'll notice there is a serious trend happening, which is perfect considering how many warm colors I love.

Emily's main color was blue, therefore she had to add warm tones for balance, she added wood tones and camel leather for this purpose.  I like both those things, yet my main colors are also warm, looks like I need to add a little more blue to really make my balance happen.

Step 4: Choose an accent color.  This is the color that you change out, that you can take or leave depending on your mood and the season.  Mine right now is bright red/hot pink.  Again, its what i wear and what i like. 

Mine and Emily's accents colors are the same, hot pink.  Just a pop, so it's not over-the-top girlie for my husband, but enough to make me smile, plus it's an accent so I can always switch it out if I'm ever over it.

Here are a few rooms that capture my perfect palette.  There's no yellow in this room, but it pulls from the palette and has amazing layers of textures.  

This entry way captures the hot pink accent in such a perfect way.

I probably posted this room in another post, but it is my mother of all living room inspirations.  It's very eclectic, but not too busy, modern, homey and inviting all at the same time and it captures my palette exactly.  Love!

(all photos via my pinterest)