living room brainstorm

I am so excited over here about our little living room re-do that I've been brainstorming and virtually decorating like crazy!  The piece of art we will actually hang just arrived today (more on that later), but the large art piece is the jumping off point for color and feel of the room.  On that thought, I was recently turned on to an awesome affordable site for art, Not a Gallery.   Signed limited editions are hand painted onto a wood frame.  There are some really really amazing options that start at $150.  Here are a few virtual living rooms I put together using a few items we already have, including the lucite coffee table and task lamp and the sofa we finally ordered last night!  I love the title of the first piece of art work, Sucka's Paradise, created by artist featured on Not A Gallery, Mark Cesarik and the second will make the whole room feel like summer called Summer Swim 2.

I hope to unveil my official dream living room plans soon.