Emily Henderson + Serena & Lily Nightstand Styling Contest

Designer and stylist, Emily Henderson, has definitely won my heart over with her eclectic mixing, vibrant color choices and spot-on styling.  When I read about a nightstand styling contest she was holding with Serena & Lily, I decided to throw my had in the ring and enter.

My bedroom furniture are probably my favorite pieces in the apartment, they are hand-me-downs from when my grandma and grandpa first got married (actually that's four-year-old me with them in the photo just above the clock).  A few of the pieces have been with me for ten years already.  They moved from college house to college house, and from New York City apartment to New York City apartment.  Each time my style changes, but I have always loved the blonde color, amazing quality and GIANT drawers of this set, that's why am a drill sergeant about using coasters and I do my best to style all my things in a beautiful way that would make my grandparents proud.

Now that I'm tearing up, that's a little about the history of the piece of furniture, now a little about the stuff.  I bought the vintage atom light fixture on eBay and choose to swag it, giving me use of the entire surface area for books, my favorite candle, a vintage brass candle holder and goblet filled with ranunculus, my favorite flower.  A mirror from the sale section at Anthropologie and an old photo of when my parents were just dating completes the vignette.  The pillow cases and duvet cover are from West Elm and my new Anthropologie curtains make the room have so much personality.

I don't ask for much on my corner of the internet, but do me a favor, follow this link and you will be taken to the page shown below.   Click "vote" in the corner.

and find my night stand.  So sad at the bottom.  Please help me climb to the top to win a par of beautiful nightstands (or in my case end tables) from Serena & Lily.