It's Friday I'm in Love

With the interior design goodies spotted in Stockholm!

As you can imagine there was so much home amazingness to be inspired by in Stockholm.  I probably took almost as many photos of the home products as I did of handbags.  I just couldn't help it, I was overwhelmed with awesomeness everywhere!  Next time I go back to Stockholm I hope I am working as an interior designer and my client has a fat pocketbook and a love for Scandinavian design.

This first fixture was in an adorable store called Valerie and the fabulous brass sconce was spotted at Club Monaco.  And the show stopper that looks like a mini New Years Eve ball is for sale at Nordiska Galleriet.

Loved these two pieces at Pub, both could make great DIY projects.

Same fabulous leather safari chair spotted at both Illum Bolighus and Nordiska Galleriet.

Cool layered reclaimed tables at NK.

Spotted this stool first at Pub, then along side some of Per Soderberg's other designs at NK.  I am in love with the simple design made so special by the blod, brass hardware.

Amazing simple dining tables at NK and Illum Bolighus.

These takes on classic task lamps were both so cool, weird and HUGE!  The first from Illum Bolighus and the second from NK.

Even the vintage displays at Urban Outfitters had extra special pieces, like this sofa.  And how much do you want one of these throws for every room?  I know I do.

Loved the down-to-Earth home section at Pub, where I wanted to bring both of these chairs home with me.

Hope you have an inspired weekend!