Palm Springs Inspired Patio

Maybe the influx of all the Cochella email blasts have seeped into my brain, because I have Palm Springs on the brain.  Ever since I started looking at wedding blogs a few years back, I've noticed a common love for the dessert town, lined with palm trees and set against a mountainous back drop, it certainly has natural beauty.  But what I love the most are the amazingly designed hotels, many with a retro kitsch.  The combo of the The Parker, The Viceroy, ACE and Saguaruo hotels would make for an adorable summer lounge space.      

Row 1: Parker Cafe, striped cabanas, Row2: Saguaro Hotel, umbrella, pool girl, Row 3: coasters, striped umbrellas, Viceroy bar

umbrella, wire chairs, geometric pillowbend table, lanternpalm trees, ice bucket, glasses, gold table, cactus garden, striped lounge chairs, rug

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.