Shopping Europe: Stockholm

The second city we visited and shopped was Stockholm.  As I mentioned in my last post our adorable hotel, Story, was right on the main shopping strip, the Norralam neighborhood.  We arrived on Monday afternoon and got started.  

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The first place we hit was one of three major department stores, NK.  They had the best handbag and shoe departments of the three, but we didn't spend much time in the apparel department.  They also had a nice home section, which I will elaborate on a little more tomorrow.

Down the street from NK is Ahlens, the second major department store.  If NK were Nordstrom Ahlens would be more on par with Macy's.  It seemed a little messier, but still a very nice store.  The third department store was just a little further down the way, Pub.  Pub had a disappointing accessory department, but my heart skipped a beat when I entered the home section, again, more on that soon.

The very top photo in this post is of the biggest shopping area, Birger Jarlsgatan, with everything from high-end, like Bottega Veneta to chain stores like H&M, Zara, Gina Tricot and BikBok.  Also in the same area was my favorite store in Stockholm by far, & Other Stories.  It was fresh and new and everything I expected out of Swedish design.  I returned to this H&M owned store three times in three days!  Beautiful, modern clothes, amazing accessories and lots of great impulse items including wonderful smelling bath and beauty products made me so excited for this shop to make it's way to New York City.  Cos was another, similar favorite.

Also in the same neighborhood was a mall called, Mood, which had a lot of great stores on the top level, including the one were I dropped the most cash, Scotch and Soda.

On Saturday we walked through the cutest and most charming part of the city, Old Town.  Old Town is adorable and filled with souvenir shop after souvenir shop.

I used this shopping guide I found on Mademoiselle Robot, which lead us to S√∂dermalm, the island south of the city center, billed as the "cool, East Village-type" area.  We did find a few nice vintage shops, like Emmaus Second Hand and Beyond Retro and yet another Acne Studios (we saw at least three), but all the stores were really spread out and many seemed to overlap the shops in the city center.

A little more on the home, not just goods, home-greats!