Visiting Copenhagen

Here is the last post about our European shopping extravaganza, spilling over from last week.  First we visited Amsterdam, then Stockholm and finally, we ended in Copenhagen.  Copenhagen was definitely my favorite of the three cities.  We arrived on Wednesday evening, planning to shop Thursday, Friday and take the weekend to ourselves to explore the city.  Little did we know that the entire country observes Good Friday, the Thursday before, Easter Sunday and the Monday after Easter as national holidays, thus everything was closed.  So our plans shifted and we only had one day to shop.  So this post is not so much a shopping guide, as we only had time to hit the two main department sotres, Magasin du Nord and Illum and the main shopping area, Stroget, which were all great.

We stayed at the Admiral Hotel, which I highly recommend   With some of the biggest European hotel rooms I've ever seen, a great restaurant  a great bar and a convenient location, you can't go wrong. 

Once we confirmed that all the stores were closed the next morning, and there was no shopping to be done, we decided to live it up as tourists.  We started with a canal tour, which gave us a nice overview of the rest of the attractions to visit, not to mention some great views.  Hopefully if you take this tour it will be a little warmer than it was for us.  

The beautiful, Royal Danish Opera House.  

The tour starts and ends in Nyhavn, the most charming area in Copenhagen.  I posted a few photos of the beautiful colors here.   This quaint, canal side street is lined with bars and restaurants.  We decided to work our way down and have a little bar crawl.  We actually found ourselves here a few times over the five days as it was right down the street from our hotel, it was one of the few lively areas durning the holiday and, it's just so darn cute.

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I actually captured this photo of one of Copenhagen's most famous landmarks, The Little Mermaid, on a morning run.  She looks really beautiful in the morning light.

Friday, we braved the cold and snow to get out and see a good chunk of the city.  We did a few heel clicks and made the best of the bad weather.  I imagine the King's Garden to look a lot happier in the summer, it was still a little creepy in late March.  The garden makes up the grounds of Rosenborg Castle.  We visited the three-floor museum inside the castle and the basement, which showcases the crown jewels.  

Next we walked over to the Round Tower, the oldest observatory in Europe, built in 1642, it offers a fantastic view of the charming city center.  As a bonus, there was moving art exhibit was also on display.

Here were are at the Queen's Castle, with the Marble Church in the background (literally steps from our hotel!).  We tried to visit the castle, unfortunately we arrived just as it was closing for the day.

We celebrated Easter by hitting a few more attractions.  Luckily we had a much nicer day to finish out our trip.  

The highlight of the day, and in my opinion, the whole trip, was our visit to the Church of Our Savior.  We climbed up the tiny, windy steps of the timber structure that was built over 400 years ago.  This is so amazing because you continue to climb the gilded spirals outside the tower.  I'm not all the scared of heights, but being so close to the edge was definitely a rush, but the views are not to be missed.

It was a great trip and I would certainly return to Copenhagen and Amsterdam, though I was underwhelmed by Stockholm.