Weekend Rewind

As usual with my weekends, it was more productive than relaxing, but either way, it was a great weekend.  

One of my new years resolutions was to take a photography class and a while back I bought a Living Social deal for two workshops from Remember Forever.  Saturday I took my first, the intro class, "Love Your Camera, Love Your Photos."  I cannot say enough good things about the class, I have had my camera for two years and taken a lot of photos and played with a lot of buttons, but I never knew what I was doing.  We were lucky enough to have the owner, talented travel photographer, Luke Ballard, as our instructor.  He packed so much information into the three hour class.  I left knowing how to actually use my camera and inspired to start practicing.  Saturday was exciting for Maggie too, she got a haircut.  

The updates around the apartment continue.  Saturday we installed the new light fixture that I picked up at Ikea last week.  And Sunday, I made a Home Depot run and picked up as many flowers as I could carry to start brightening up the patio.  Also in the name of brightening the patio, I strung the cafe lights  from our wedding ceremony.  Finally, we ended the weekend with the first alfresco dinner under the newly hung lights.  

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