It's Friday, I love NY

As I mentioned on Monday, last weekend marked seven years of living in New York City!  The City is not for everyone, but it's tough to imagine any other place as home.  Yes, at time the city can be so daunting, it smells, it's hot, crowded, it's tough to have a car to escape, you spend $15 on a drink and $12 on a cab to get to the drink date, and I could go on.  But at the end of the day, I am surrounded by a city full of amazing energy, especially the creative type.  I can walk out my door and be at some of the best restaurants and museums in the world.  The possibilities are endless; even if I spent the last seven years seeing or doing something new every day, I still wouldn't have experienced all this city has to offer.  

I read the passage below on my instagram feed the other day (it's from E.B. White's "Here is New York") and it got me nostalgic for my first days in New York.  I guess I was "willing to be lucky."  I was broke as hell, but I was on the edge of achieving all my dreams, it was actually pretty magical.  When the days blur into months and months into years you, like a marriage  it's easy to take the other person for granted, but you got to work at your relationship with your city.  If you live here (or where ever you live), I challenge you to go out this weekend and do one thing you've never done, remember why came and why you love where you live. 

My family is visiting this week, so I will be spending the next five days showing them all my favorite places and why I love this place.  

(E.B. White passage, all other photos via my Pinterest board)

A message to a few friends, Karis, I hope your first weeks here have been as magical as mine.  Ashley, happy seven years, I hope one day we are these ladies.  And Elana, I know you'll be back to visit all the time, but I hope you get out there and do all the things you've wanted to do in The City, but haven't in the past 10 years.  We will miss you when you leave.