Five Things I've Learned from my Mom

I wish I could be with my mom on Mother's Day this Sunday.  As I get older and closer to children of my own, my appreciation for my mom grows and grows.  She is kind, thoughtful, incredibly generous, completely selfless and endlessly supportive.   My mom has taught me countless things in my 29 years, here are a few of many. 

My mom taught me to sew.  My mom claims she is not creative, but I know I would not be the designer, blogger and creator that I am today with out the guidance of my mom.  She sewed our Halloween costumes every year, she helped make our science projects look impeccable and I looked on as she renovated furniture and decorated our house.  To this day, I love to share my projects with all my readers, but my mom's is the reaction I care about most.

My mom taught me which flowers are the best for potting.  One of my favorite chores was helping my mom plant flowers every summer.  We had dozens of pots all over the yard and porch.  She always picked the same flowers and I always wanted to mix it up.  Now that I have my own yard and my own pots I realize that she had it down to a science and picked geraniums, and marigolds because they are the sturdiest flowers, they grow big, beautiful and last all summer.

My mom taught me that everyone needs a dog, or a pet for that matter.  We always had two dogs growing up that we brought everywhere.  They got the run of the car on road trips, lots of time chasing our baseballs and lots of snuggles.   Mom was also very supportive when I wanted a hamster and later a bird, though she never let me have a kitty.  

My mom taught me that if you find something you love, buy it.  You can almost always return, but it might not be there when you go back.  This lesson may have driven me to make a few unnecessary vacation purchases, but has also lead to some of my best finds, that others might have taken time to think about and missed their window.  

The most important thing my mom taught me is how to love unconditionally.  We weren't always perfect growing up and I still don't give my mom all the credit she deserves.  I saw my family pushed to the edge and my incredibly strong mom kept us from breaking by never letting her love for her children and family waver for even a second.  If I can give my future children half of what my mom has give to me and my brothers, they will be very lucky kids.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.  I love you.

A big thank you to all the rest of the mom's in my life.  I have three wonderful aunts that have always been there and continue to support me above and beyond.  Also, to my new mom-in-law, thank you for all your help, love and kindness and for raising an amazing son.  And finally, my grandma who turned 93 this week, she is one of the strongest women I know.

Happy Mother's Day to all.  You really deserve to be showered with love this weekend.

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