NYC Summer Bucketlist

This year I decided that I would kick my summer off by making a list of all the things in and around the city that I want to do and see.  I have put together quite a long list, but doing so has gotten me itching for Memorial Day to get here to start checking things off.

Shakespeare in the Park is one of the most famous New York summer events and it's free!  The tickets are not easy to come by, but experiencing the open-air amphitheater smack in the middle of Central Park would be so amazing.  This summer Modern Family's Jessie Tyler Ferguson will star in The Comedy of Errors.

Kyle and I have been to see The Mets, The Yankees and the Brooklyn Cyclones, but have never ventured out to a Staten Island Yankees game.  In fact, aside from driving through, neither of us have never been to borough at all.

In my single days I went on a few dates to the Upright Citizens Brigade.  The famous improv comedy theater is the perfect date spot, it's cheap, fun and funny.  This summer I would like to take my husband on a date to the mother of the improv shows, Asssscat, where famous comedians and SNL alum show up on a regular basis.

The Hudson River Valley is so stunning and I've heard Beacon has a lot to offer in the way of shopping, eating and culture, and only an hour outside the city, it will make a perfect day trip.

The first few summers I lived here, my friends and I frequented the Movie nights in Bryant Park.  That experience is so quintessentially New York, I'd love nothing more, than to do it again.  But this time, I want to mix it up by taking in a movie on the aircraft carrier stationed on the Hudson, the Intrepid.  

This list item shouldn't be too hard, considering the proximity to our apartment.  I run by this New York City landmark at least once a week, but have never been inside The Boat House in Central Park.  I'll be excited even to just spend an afternoon in the park that doesn't involve cardio.

Vegas meets New York, I had to put one party item on my list for my last summer in my 20's, and I choose a rooftop pool party.  Even if the close quarters and sweaty bodies get to me after one drink, I will be able to cross it off my list.

I have no idea how I heard about Sunny's, the oldest continually run bar on Brooklyn's waterfront, but ever since I did, I've been itching to go.  The beloved dive bar was damaged during hurricane Sandy last year and is not open yet, but once it does, I vow to make a trip to Red Hook, Brooklyn, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, the only days the bar is open, and take in some live bluegrass music. 

I remember going a few times as a kid, but I've been talking about spending a day at the horse track pretty much since I moved here, forb more than six years.  Now that I'm putting it out to the world, I will make it out to Belmont to place a few bets.  

What's on your summer list?  I'm off to Michigan for a wedding weekend.  Have a good one and see you back here on Monday.