Weekend Rewind

This weekend reminded me why I love this city so much.  The weather was less than ideal for a Memorial Day weekend, but it gave me the chance to start and finish a bunch of projects and clean the apartment and still had two days of weekend left!  

Saturday night we went out and supported a friend's theater company and took in a really cool series of short plays and dances.  Definitions is a nonprofit company that links different types of theater artists and offers them a venue to showcase their work.   After Sunday brunch, I went out to Brooklyn, shopped around in Prospect Heights, an adorable area I haven't yet explored, the lovely DeSmitten helped me on a blog post for next week.  The hubs and I followed ended that lovely day by breaking out the BBQ for the first time this summer.  And finally yesterday my friend and first New York roommate and I celebrated seven years in New York!!!  More on that later in the week.  After our rendezvous I checked my first item off my summer bucketlist, a drink at the Central Park Boat House.  It really turned out to be a lovely weekend.  What did you do? 

See what filled the rest of the weekend on instagram.