DIY Tie Dye American Flag

Jeez-o-pete, it's the 4th of July already next week!  Here's a fun DIY project to display at the BBQ, hang off the back of your boat or drape on a table topped with potato salad, apple pie and corn on the cob.   

Get the tutorial below.

Get the full proportions of the American Flag here

The dying is the trickiest part, because you really don't want to get any red where the blue will be.  I only wore one glove to be sure I could have control over exactly what was going in the dye bath.

Same tip as above.  Once you touch the blue dye bath, you really want to refrain from grabbing the red portion.

Adding the grommets is optional, but I thought it made it look a little more finished.

*Note, please don't pound the grommet in on a glass table, I was faking it for the this photo.