Five Things I've Learned from My Dad

I have one of the most wonderful dads around and I was lucky enough to have a few moments of one-on-one time with him during my families visit last week.  He could not have been more excited to take a walk with me to the park and throw the frisbee to the dog.  And if the love he has for my dog is any indication of the kind of grandfather he'll be, I can't wait for our future kids to meet him.  

Last month for Mother's Day I recalled five things that I learned from my mom, so in the same spirit, here are five things I've learned from my dad. 

My dad taught me loyalty.  He worked for my grandfather's business for well over half his life, even taking over when my grandpa passed away.  Since then he has moved on to only the second job I have ever known him to have.  He stood by his family even through the very very difficult times and he lets things roll off his back like no one I've ever met.  

Hard work.  Without a doubt my dad is the hardest working person I know.  He has more than a full-time job, often working 70+ hours a week, then projects on the side.  He sometimes has a problem finishing said projects, but he did build our entire garage, put in our pool, landscape and re-landscape our yard, and those are just a few of the big ones.  I certainly know where I get my love of a project and spending time at Home Depot from.

My dad taught me how to throw a baseball.  My family's love for baseball and sports in general has always brought me and my dad together.  He caught my pitching or watched my new trick on the trampoline anytime I asked.  My dad was at every single softball game, dance recital, gymnastics or cheerleading meet I participated in.  I owe my love for athletics in large part to my dad.

Affection.  I wouldn't say my family is the most affectionate, but my dad always showed his love physically.  He was always the one to initiate a hug or kiss with my mom or tickle his kids.  I hope I carry my dad's affection into my own marriage.

My dad taught me what a father should be.  He set the high standards that I will hold my husband to for our own children.

Thank you, Dad for always being there and loving me.  Happy Father's Day to my wonderful brother and my uncles, all great men in my life and to all the other dads who happen to pop by.

photo: Lizzie Photo