Weekend Rewind

This weekend felt great to get back to normal, after my trip to Texas.  For a weekend with no plans we did a lot.  Saturday, Kyle and I took the ferry out to the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn.  I brought home a couple treasures, including one of these sweet happy lemon rattles for a special babe, by The Wind and The Sail and also the little gold and white ceramic forest animals, by Michiko Shimada.  Below they found their new home on a shelf next to my computer.  On the way home from the craft fair, we stopped to check out The Crow's Nest, a kitschy outdoor bar (above a very fancy restaurant) on a boat in the East River.  It's a very fun spot for a drink outside in midtown.  

Sunday, Kyle and I took the Long Island Railroad out to Long Beach for our first beach day of the summer.  Neither of us came home too burned and we had a nice relaxing day, victory for everyone!  This was about as perfect of a weekend as you can get, spent with my favorite person.  What did you do?  

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