30 Day Sketchbook Challenge

It makes me pretty sad that I am a designer, yet I have barely picked up a pencil since I finished college.  I have been vowing to myself to draw and paint more, but I never held myself accountable.  Enter the 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge.  Nicki, from life i design challenged herself to spend time being creative and working on her art, then a bunch of my new friends from Alt and I were inspired and joined in.  I felt great to make time for something I truly enjoy doing and it was really fun checking into instagram each day to see what everyone had sketched. Below are a few from my collection and check out some of the beautiful works of the other's here.  

Thank you to Nicki from life i design, Kim from design+life+kids, Elizabeth from The Note Passer, MJ from Par Caeli and Claudia Miller from Dias Days for inspiring me and keeping me drawing.  Sorry for anyone I've missed.