Back To School (Glam and Kitsch)

I have deemed this back to school week on Undeclared Panache.  School supply shopping was one of my very favorite yearly rituals growing up.  I was always the girl who had 96 box of crayons and markers well outside the classic realm, and why should young Lauren have all the fun?  If I were headed back to the classroom in September, here is what would be on my list.  

1. the most glamorous stapler you have ever seen.
2. fabby scissors
3 & 4. pretty binders and pretty notebooks make for beautiful work
5. a planner to keep your dates
6. Mean Girl pencil set to brighten your worst Monday
7. a backpack worthy of Foxxy Cleopatra
8. a darling i-Pad case
9. a hand pencil holder, because it's awesome
10. bowls to keep your doodads and whatsits