Dream Studio

Today's post deviates a little from the topic of back to school, but if I had the chance to redo my workspace every year, like those young, broke, college kids do, here's what would fill my most perfect work environment. 

You may remember this room from my Dream Home post.  

I would start with neutral, functional pieces, a big desk with tons of drawers, a few large shelves with lots of storage boxes.  Then add a BIG project table and a handsome futon to make the space multi-functional. After, I  would layer in the industrial stool and light fixture, as well as some modern textural pieces, and I would top it all off with some plants and some glamorous whimsy.  

1. dachshund letter organizer  2. enjoy today! print 3. lips print  4. Pendant 5. book shelve 6. storage boxes 7. work table 8. desk lamp 9. stool 10. rug 11. sofa 12. planter 13. white desk 14. desk chair

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!