Wedding Wednesday (Registry Redo)

We are going on a year of marriage.  Last summer and fall we received so many great, generous gifts and despite what people say, we have used almost everything.  But there are a few things over the past year that I found myself thinking, "I wish we asked for that."  Here are ten registry items that weren't on the list, but in am still coveting to complete our home.

1. Gold Flatware - we have a set I bought from ebay but the gold is very yellow and I love the modern look of this set from West Elm.
2. Teak Serving Bowl - I actually picked up something similar from Etsy recently, but if I could have afforded it, this bowl is serving perfection.
3. Gold Serving Ware, to serve salad from my perfect bowl.
4. Rosy Coupes to celebrate the best things in life through rose-colored glasses.
5. Brass Peace Sign - This thing will be on every list I make until it finds it's home in our home.
6. Pizza Stone - Pizza is one of the most cooked meals at our apartment, seems like we would make good use of this tool.
7. Pillow - Some of the pillows on our (soft of) new sofa are looking a little shabby.  This gold floral pillow would certainly spruce the place up.
8. Metal Straws - cute and eco friendly
9. Candle Sticks -  I think candle sticks are one of the "traditional" registry gifts we didn't ask for, but I am obssed with these whimsical guys.  Just wish we had a big mantle to display them.
10. SodaStream - We have gotten really into drinking soda water during our first year of marriage and this hand tool is eco friendly, economical, plus we don't have to fight over the last drop.