Leather Planner Cover DIY

My friend Elizabeth Stilwell from The Note Passer did a guest post for me, on Eco Back-to-school Supplies a few weeks back.  Over on her blog, she is devoting the month of September to sustainable fashion, so I am helping her out with a DIY that ties back-to-school in with sustainable design.  Check out The Note Passer today for the tutorial for the DIY iPad sleeve, made out of a bubble mailer and a few scraps of fabric and click the jump to see the instructions for the leather planner cover.

Get the instructions below.

  • planner or book
  • leather or fabric
  • scissors or rotary cutter and mat

As a handbag designer, I am lucky enough to have access to many sample hydes of leather, so I often incorporate them into my DIY projects.  Note that this project works with any type of fabric, you would just need to fold and press on the dotted line below as noted.

One additional note, because of the pattern on the leather and the size of the hyde, this piece was not ideal of this project, but I channeled Tim Gun and made it work.  The white outline below would be the ideal amount.