Weekend Rewind

This weekend was a wild one!  We had a lovely Friday night picnic in the park and continued our anniversary celebration by toasting with a bottle of wine we received as part of a wedding gift to drink on our first anniversary.  Kyle surprised me with a sweet note revealing that we are going to take a trip to Disney World to celebrate a magic year of marriage!!!

I spent the rest of Friday night and all of Saturday morning prepping for my first photo shoot and the talented Laura Radford stopped by to help me out.  I cannot wait to show you the results! 

Saturday night we had attended a beautiful city wedding at Battery Gardens Restaurant.  The sunset views of the Statue of Liberty were stunning, the food was delicious, the dancing was fun and the air was filled with love.  The bride and groom looked perfect and a great time was had by all.

Sunday brought us a big surprise when we discovered our precious dog, Maggie, ate an entire bag of dark chocolate!  We rushed the poor little thing to the doggie emergency room.  We discovered it early enough that they didn't have to take any extraordinary measures.  She didn't seem too phased by the whole experience, but of course Kyle and I were traumatized.  She's not quite out of the woods, we have to keep an eye on her for the next week or so when it should be completely out of her system.  It was a close call that could happen to anyone, so be sure to shower your fur baby with lots of love and kisses, because you never know.

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