Weekend Rewind

It felt great not to leave the island of Manhattan for one entire weekend.  I was lucky enough to spend the entire weekend with my husband doing nothing, yet everything at the same time. 

Friday we tried a new vegan spot for us, Blossom, on the Upper West Side.  The food was fantastic and after dinner we wandered to a second spot for dessert and a drink.  

Saturday, I started a six week photography class at Photouno.  Class one went great and I am stoked to practice and hone my techniques.  Later, we had date number two of the weekend to see Captain Phillips.  I've been known to fall asleep at the movies, but this one definitely kept my attention.  I recommend on both our behalves.

We finished the weekend by taking a ride down to the Lower East Side for Pickle Day, a little street fest that offered all kinds picked samplings.  When we weren't out on the town, I was working away on Etsy goodies and Jessica and Greg's wedding, below are a couple little snippets. 

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