It's Friday I'm in Love (with the messy J. Crew Hair)

It get's me every time.  I browse the J. Crew Style Guide every month, of course I ogle over the clothes, but I am simply amazed by the hair.  How can it be so messy and so elegant at the same time?  How do they make a bride look perfect, while also looking disheveled?  Every time I try to mimic this look on my own head it's a total bust.  I usually error on the side of too tight and clean, then when I attempt to make it messy, I take it too far in that direction.  I found this post on Into the Gloss in which J. Crew's style director, Gayle Spannaus explains the art of the undone bun.  It sounds a little oversimplified to me, but that won't stop me from trying again once my hair grows out.  

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Have a fun weekend!