Weekend Rewind

After many that have not been, I was excited to finally have a relaxing weekend in my life.  

Thursday wasn't quite the weekend, but I had to share our silly 80's camp counselor Halloween costumes.   Gotta love the team spirit at The Sak.  This past week, I also bought a pretty vintage chair off of Ebay.  I haven't found the perfect spot for it in this apartment, but one day he will shine in our future living room or reading nook.  

I've been itching to go to The Fat Radish, for probably longer than a year, and Friday, we finally made it happen.  The place was super super cute, just look at that pretty arrangement on our table, and the food was fantastic.  

Saturday was low-key, hand my second photography class, took care of some business around the house and drank some wine with The Ms. Michelle Adam's.  I got to meet her new pet dinosaur, which we named Bruce.  Do you follow Michelle on instagram?  You should.  

Marathon Sunday we did our duty to cheer on our friend Katie, who KILLED it!  Congrats girl, now take a rest! 

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