Goals of 2014

I am a resolution maker.  I know some people are anti, but I think it's a great way to make fresh start, reboot and make changes.  With out further ado, here's what I would like to make happen in 2014.

Try one new thing every month: Last year I resolved to cook with one new ingredient every month, and I was successful for about four months.  In an effort to succeed for the whole year, I made this resolution a little more vague.  I'm sure I can find one new thing to try every month.

Learn calligraphy: This one's pretty straight forward, but it always bothers me how terrible my handwriting has become and I'm excited to improve and share my new found skills here.

Choose quality over quantity: It's true with shoes, it's true with furniture and it's true with friends.  Better is better, but more isn't always better.  This is an ongoing challenge of mine, spending hours a day on the internet, often shopping websites.  In 2014, especially as we pack up an move, I want to challenge myself to pair-down and only buy the things I need and love.

Be on time: I am actually a very punctual person, so this mostly applies to work.  For some reason it is not physically possible me to get out the door before 8:45 AM, and I vow to change that.

Snack smarter: For the most part, I am a very healthy person, except when it comes to snacking.  I have a pretty serious sweet tooth, so I know I'm never going to be able to kick my chocolate addiction completely, but I want to try trading in my afternoon coffee for tea and candy for fruit.

Give back to the community:  It's about time I get out there and did some good.

Keep learning and improving: I found so much inspiration in the classes and seminars I attended in 2013, and I want to keep the ball rolling.

Make time to relax: between a full time job, blogging, Italian lessons, gymnastics, running and all my other little projects, it's tough to find time to unwind.  I want to find time to turn off the screens and relax in 2014.

Enjoy all the little things: we all seem to get so wrapped up in being busy that we just want it to be over, and that is a really sad way of looking at life.  This year I will plan my time wisely so that I can accomplish all my goals, and have fun doing it.