African Adventure (DIY Jumpsuit)

Despite my packing wish list, I didn't do a whole lot of shopping before I left for our trip to South Africa.  But, I was really really coveting this pricey jumpsuit.  Inspired by my friend Christina's, goal to pair down and commit to the 5 piece French wardrobe (limiting clothing purchases to five per season, ten for the year) and supplement that by sewing those fringe pieces that don't make the limited cut.  Christina is on her second year of sewing one garment per month, and in 2014, I have decided to join her.  So, before I set out on the 16 hour flight to South Africa, I created my first garment of the year.  This dress-up/dress-down one-piece.  It could be appropriate for many summer occasions, but during vacation it was perfect for a date night to watch the sunset and dinner with my husband at Camps Bay in Cape Town.  

Get the look.