Living The Life (Bermuda)

Today I have a very special guest post from a talented friend I met last summer at Alt, Lindsay is a motion designer & stationery designer (

) living in Bermuda. She is the talent behind RadWorks Design Hut & Blog (

). Currently she is also working on a wonderful project, "RadWorks Women," which is an online community that offers support, inspiration & motivation for women working in or getting into careers in creative fields.  So while I'm escaping winter, Lindsay is here to make you all jealous as she lives in paradise year-round.

You know those proverbial boxes you tick off after you accomplish or complete something on your bucket list? Well, the box next to my "live on an island" (no, not Manhattan, although I have done that) line is VERY CLEARLY checked. 

2014 marks the beginning of my 4th year living "the life" in Bermuda. "The life," as defined by the imagination of most of my friends back in the US involves the following: Beaches, boating, patios, beach volleyball, sunshine, year round tans, water sports, swimming, riding vespas, pools, drinks with umbrellas, etc…I have to say, they are actually right.

A warning though—we have to work hard to play hard. And in turn, we are rewarded with all of the magic that the Island has to offer. 

My life in photos (left to right, top to bottom):

-Me & my Vespa, "Landshark"

-Horseshoe Bay Beach Volleyball team

-Calm, Hamilton Harbour

-View from Gibbs Hill Lighthouse (my favorite spot on the island)

-Kite surfer at Elbow Beach

-Me & my man-candy, BK

-Hoppin' on Harrington Sound (The world's largest bottomless lake!) with my inflatable paddle board

-Gorgeous Day at Elbow Beach

Thanks for sharing, Lindsay!