Wedding Wednesday ( Bachelor Finale)

"Bachelor Nation" is still hating on Juan Pablo and Monday's finale of The Bachelor, in which bachelor, Juan Pablo, didn't propose to either of his final two women.  Not only that, but there was also a storm of controversy involving "vulgar" comments to runner-up, Claire, and his refusal to profess his love, or in my opinion, even show much emotional at all toward winner, Nikki.  All this made the three-hour event hate worthy.

As it aired I was simultaneously hating on JP, and loving the amazingly styled set of the final rose ceremony.   Only I (and some of my other design friends out there) would be intently studying the amazing setting.  They choose not to have it on a cliff or the beach, instead the set designers brought in a subtly painted wood floor, filled with lush greenery in wicker baskets, a stone wall background and a few pops of color.  I couldn't help but think how beautiful this set would be as a bohemian wedding backdrop.  And with two people, actually in love standing in the center, it would be even more perfect.

So there, something good came out of wasting three hours of my life.